eloomi in 60 seconds

2,443 views April 08, 2022

Experience eloomi in 60 seconds. Learn more about the most important skills to have and to learn...

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7 views July 17, 2024

eloomi’s no-code custom workflows enable organizations to deliver a perfect onboarding...

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5 views July 17, 2024

Redefine your pre-boarding experience and make sure your new hires are well-informed and prepared...

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Compliance Training

7 views July 17, 2024

eloomi makes compliant effortless for both users and admins. • High-level use-case demo •...

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Goals & Objectives

44 views May 16, 2024

"Our product promises to guide and empower both managers and employees with a unified,...

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Employee and Manager Conversations

58 views May 16, 2024

eloomi Conversations promises more Engaged and Guided managers and employees, who become better...

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HR Journey Workflow Automation

86 views May 16, 2024

Our product promises to empower HR teams to efficiently design, deliver, and refine performance...

Manager videos

Meet Zaheer, Head of Customer Support at eloomi

158 views March 21, 2022

Want to join eloomi? See the roles we're hiring at

Manager videos

Meet Klaus Skytte, Head of Creative at eloomi

138 views March 21, 2022

Want to join eloomi? See the roles we're hiring at

Product tour

Goals and objectives with eloomi | Product tour

102 views October 31, 2023

Engage every employee around your company mission and drive growth! Set transparent goals at all...

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Journeys with eloomi | Product tour

215 views November 06, 2023

Save time and streamline with eloomi Journeys. From onboarding to performance reviews, build...

This Is eloomi

Why eloomi | Success with People Development

809 views March 26, 2024

eloomi is a learning and development platform that makes it easy for companies worldwide to train...