BEST PRACTICE: Episode 2 - How to Show the Value of Learning & Development

January 25, 2024

Showing the value of your L&D initiatives has never been more critical. Leadership needs to see that investments are paying off through valuable, actionable data that can help make informed decisions. And without clearly defined success metrics and a way to track progress, how do you know you’ve achieved what you initially set out to do? 

Join us as we dig deeper into this topic, share use cases, and show you how to use reporting in eloomi to turn data into tangible results. Get a glimpse of some key reports in People and how they’re evolving in Infinite to make data even easier to digest.


The duration will be 60 minutes, includes live Q&A and will be in English. 

Now more than ever, time is precious, so if you can't attend the webinar - no worries. Register anyway and we will send you the recording, which you can also share with your colleagues.