How and why building purpose into the employee experience is essential!


This is the first in a series of four webinars on the topic of Purpose. eloomi welcomes James Bolle, Captian at PRPSFL, along with eloomi's VP of Business Development, Thomas Brandt. 

Join in on the conversation to learn how to create a purposeful start for new employees in an organisation.

What is Purpose?

What is 'Customer Experience mapping' and how can it teach us about purpose?

How you can incorporate purpose into your organisation's culture and values.

The role purpose plays in the Preboading, Onboarding and the first 90 days of the employee journey.

We will conclude with a Q&A session.

James Bolle

Captain, PRPSFL

James is the Captain at PRPSFL and helps people to understand mindfulness at work, to love what they do, and lead more fulfilling lives.

Having worked in Customer Experience for 10 years, and led teams for 20, he has measured the impact 'Employee Experience' has on business performance and has advised some of the UK’s leading brands on how to drive it.

Thomas Brandt

VP, Business Development, eloomi

As VP of Business Development, Thomas leads our customer-facing teams. Many years of consulting for top retail companies across Asia Pacific and Europe has fortified and nurtured Thomas’s passion for brand communication and customer experience design.

Andrew Mina (Host)

Marketing Specialist, eloomi

Andrew is passionate about HR and Learning & Development, the formal and informal, technical and soft skills, face-2-face and online training.

He believes that everyone has a next step in their professional development and aims to lead, guide and coach people towards it.